Practical Apologetics

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Practical Apologetics

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Dr. Scott Hahn -- (4 CD Set)

Dr. Scott Hahn is an expert defender and debater of the faith. When challenged by fundamentalist Christians and others about his conversion to Catholicism, he does not simply contradict what his questioners say--he speaks from his own experience, explaining his long-term doubts about Catholic teaching and how those doubts were resolved.

In fact, Dr. Hahn can put the Protestant objections to Catholicism better than most of his challenger, quoting chapter and verse from the Scripture texts they frequently use. Most Protestants don’t know what to make of him, because he knows Luther and Calvin better than they do.

In this series Dr. Hahn reveals insights into Protestant views of the Bible, how Christians are “saved,” the Papacy, shows methods for debating the legitimacy of the Catholic Church, and much more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review