Preparing For The Spiritual Battle (Digital)

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Preparing For The Spiritual Battle (Digital)

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Fr. Bill Casey and Deacon Alex Jones -- (4 Talk Set)

What did Pope John Paul II mean when he stated early in his Pontificate, “we are now living at the time of the greatest battle between good and evil the world has ever known”? Was he prophetically warning us to prepare for war? How can we combat the spiritual terrorism that can affect our soul and jeopardize the souls of others for all eternity?

The Devil's All-Out Attack
In this enlightening and encouraging four-CD series, “Preparing for Spiritual Battle”, Fr. Bill Casey and Deacon Alex Jones touch on timely topics for today's Catholics to better prepare them for the Devil's all-out attack and to teach what our response has got to be. Both speakers dramatically reveal the truth about the spiritual “offense and defense” that God expects us to build right now—because there is no time to lose!

Whether we like it or not—and whether we know it or not—we are at war! And it is not against international terrorism or some worldly axis of evil, it is a battle against the leader, the founder, and the author of all terror: Satan. Therefore we must “be sober and alert” as St. Peter warns and begin to utilize the powerful weapons and proven tactics God has already provided.

Tap into the Power of God
Unfortunately, most people are sadly confused about what’s really at stake. Too often we have a childish faith and a spiritually immature understanding of the Devil and his hellish tactics. We fail to take him seriously as a fallen angel with a clear agenda filled with untold lies and deceptive tricks seeking to destroy souls.

“Preparing for the Spiritual Battle” sets you straight on what God has revealed regarding the protection of our souls. These four CDs will stir your soul to completely conform your life according to God’s Word and take advantage of the remedies readily available to all Christians.

Fr. Casey and Deacon Alex Jones reveal how to tap into the infinite love of God, the power of prayer, the action of grace, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the essential role of the Blessed Virgin Mary to defeat the Evil One once and for all.

You’ll Learn:
• Why our eternal destiny will depend on the choices we make now
• How to cooperate with God’s grace to defeat the Devil
• What the Bible states regarding our current spiritual condition
• Where the first case of “informed dissent” occurs in Scripture
• What the Catechism teaches regarding Satan
• Why evil is more than “an absence of good” but is a person
• What are the prevalent “lies” infecting our Catholic Faith today
• How the Devil becomes “the Accuser” to lead you into despair
• Why the Holy Spirit is our most powerful ally wanting to possess us “completely, totally, and eternally”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review