Rediscover Catholicism

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Rediscover Catholicism

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Discover why Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations, but a way of life designed by God to help each person reach his or her full potential.

At a time when many Catholics are disillusioned, questioning their faith, and filled with doubts about the relevance of Catholicism in the modern world, the voice of one man cries out to the world’s largest faith community with a clarity that is rare and inspiring.

Rediscover Catholicism takes us on an adventure of life-changing proportions. Beginning with our common yearning for happiness, Kelly reveals the essence of authentic Catholic spirituality while addressing some of the most important questions we face today both as individuals and as a Church.

Are you happy? Are you living an authentic life? Do you really think you will find happiness where you are looking? How would you like your life to change? What is God’s dream for your life? Why have so many people rejected Catholicism? What does it mean to walk with God in the modern world? Do the saints have anything to offer you? Is Jesus still relevant? Can the ancient traditions of Catholicism help us deal with the modern challenges of our lives?

Rediscover Catholicism is quickly becoming the most read Catholic book of our times. From the spellbinding opening story, Kelly grips his readers and takes them on a life-changing journey to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review