Salvation History Study Bundle

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Salvation History Study Bundle

Product Overview

Dr. Scott Hahn  -- (5 CD set and Study Guide)

An Epic Love Story

Adam and Eve. Abraham and Moses. Mary and Joseph. These and other key figures from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible each play a significant role in the ever-unfolding drama of Salvation History. But how does it all fit together? How can a better understanding of this indispensable aspect of the Scriptures help you to enter more fully into the liturgical worship of the family of God, which is the Catholic Church?

Topics Include

-The significance of the plagues God sent upon Egypt
-The parallels between the life of Moses and the life of Jesus
-Why Jesus is the "new Moses"
-The key components of the Davidic Covenant and how they apply today
-How Jesus is the fulfillment of all the Covenants
-How to understand Jesus' "family tree"
-Peter's position in the New Covenant
-Your role in the new "Kingdom of David"
-And so much more!

In-Depth Study Guide

The 76-page Salvation History Study Guide includes key Bible passages quoted by Dr. Hahn are included in the special “Word of God” feature, so you don’t have to juggle the workbook and your Bible. And since all Biblical interpretation is to be conducted with the guidance of the Church’s living Tradition, special sections marked “The Mind of the Church” provide uniquely Catholic perspectives with relevant quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the documents of Vatican II, as well as papal and other authoritative teaching documents from the Church’s Magisterium.

Finally, at the end of each section you’ll find discussion questions to help you better understand the Church’s teachings on important points, integrate what you’ve learned with other parts of the Bible, and, perhaps most importantly, to apply these insights to your own life.


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