VCAT Collection

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VCAT Collection

Product Overview

Today, millions are asking: “Why should I care about being Catholic?” Our response is the Video Catechism (VCAT)—60 engaging short films that are relevant, entertaining, and compel you to live the Faith. A one-of-a-kind collaboration between ODB Films and the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia, the VCAT answers today’s tough questions: “What happens when I die?” “What is God’s mercy?” “Is pornography really that bad?” “Does marriage matter?” “How do I mourn the loss of a loved one?” “How do I pray?” “How do I become holy?”

The four volumes in this collection coincide with the four sections of the Catechism: Creed, Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. At 3 to 8 minutes in length, VCAT films can be used in any setting as stand-alone content or as the complement to a theme night, a speaker, or a lesson plan. Pastors, catechists, religion teachers, and youth ministers will celebrate the creativity and relevance of their content.

Sample Episode

Praise for VCAT

“I showed a VCAT film to our high school group last night and they LOVED it! They laughed, but they got the message. They even participated in the discussion questions more than usual. Thank you for making modern, relevant films.”

– Youth Minister, Palm City, FL

“We used ‘38 Hours’ for morning prayer. Our teens really connected with the video and said they had never prayed with a video before. We had some reflection time and a number of them told me how they had not thought about how God loves and searches for us.”

– Youth Ministry Volunteer, Bloomingdale, IL

“I know I can always turn to an ODB Films video to get the message across in a very relevant way to all of the young people in our Confirmation program. VCAT films address everyday struggles that teenagers have, offering a Catholic answer.”

– Confirmation Coordinator, Huntley, IL

“I do not know of a better Catholic media resource that meets our young people where they are.”

– Youth Minister, Fishers, IN

Product Details

  • Episode runtime: 3-8 minutes each

  • Total runtime: 266 minutes

  • 60 total episodes

  • Release year: 2017


(No reviews yet) Write a Review