VCAT Volume 3: Morality

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VCAT Volume 3: Morality

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Sample Episode

Love God, Love Each Other

This original song written by Bob Rice drives home Christ's admonition to love with no exceptions. 2 minutes


Children play on a playground and we see a glimpse of how boundaries make us free. 2 minutes


Fr. Joseph Espaillat explores relativism and why we are made for better than the "I'm okay/you're okay" mentality that is plaguing humanity. 5 minutes

Dignity Matters

Manny is taking a few hits to his dignity from people who don't realize the impact of their words. 2 minutes

The Do-over

Jake keeps messing up, except he doesn't see it that way-at least not at first. Thanks to a little outside help, that's about to change. 8 minutes

No Other gods

A handful of teens are in a chapel. They are praying, worshipping, adoring. See what's moving them in such a powerful way. 8 minutes

The Beatitudes

We all want to be happy. The question is, "How do we make that happen?" 8 minutes

Honor Your Father & Mother

Hear a youth perspective on the meaning of the 4th commandment. 4 minutes

The Comfortable Couch

Sarah and Lucy are hanging out on the couch when Sarah makes a disturbing discovery. 4 minutes

por*nog*ra*phy (the guys)

Five young men talk openly and frankly about pornography. 10 minutes

por*nog*ra*phy (the girls)

Five young women talk openly and frankly about pornography, its effects, its danger, and the fact that it's not just a guy thing. 7 minutes

Being Pro-Life

Sr. Alicia Torres speaks about how her involvement in pro-life work led to a broader understanding of the value of every human life. 4 minutes


Follow three people who struggle with being content. 5 minutes

Telling the Truth

Writer/Director Andrew Hyatt shares his journey from living a lie to living the truth. 5 minutes

To Do It or Not To Do It

Don Steven Tinkaboutit, Cupid, and a surprise guest talk about SEX with Bob Rice. 12 minutes

Word of Mouth

Two girls are living on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Then something happens that closes the gap between them. 5 minutes


We always ask for more hours in a day, but what if the hours we've been given aren't enough because they've been stolen? 5 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 1: SLOTH

Richard sits...and sits...and sits while the clock ticks...and ticks...and ticks. 3 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 2: PRIDE

A pretty girl plus some ugly pants equals a confrontation with pride. 4 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 3: GLUTTONY

Can Richard eat it all? Should he eat it all? 2 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 4: GREED

Richard wants more but there's a little kid behind him who just wants to take her turn. 3 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 5: ENVY

Pretty girl has a pretty car and Richard drives a beater. What happens next isn't pretty. 2 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 6: WRATH

It's okay to take out your anger on the beloved school mascot, right? 4 minutes

Judgmental Moose-Episode 7: LUST

The pretty girl is back and Richard has a decision to make. 3 minutes

Mercy is Greater

In our struggle to believe in Jesus' radical love for us, it's important to remember that his mercy is greater than any fear. 3 minutes


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